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Gray Jay Press- Author Larry Hyslop

Larry Hyslop and his wife Cindy live in Elko, Nevada. He is retired from Great Basin College.

Larry writes a weekly column called "Nature Notes" for the Elko Daily Free Press.

Charles Greenhaw and Larry wrote four guides to historic spots along the California Trail through Northeastern Nevada. Each book is centered on a specific spot, Wells, Ruby Valley, Elko and Battle Mountain.

List of his books

Hiker’s Guide; Trails in the Elko Area, C&L Publishing, 1997.
Ruby Mountains, Visitor’s Guide, C&L Publishing, 1999, 2004
Pikas and Pinyons: 30 Nature Tales from the Ruby Mountains, C&L Publishing, 2002
Beeplants and Whiptails; Stories From Nature, The Plants and Animals of Zion National Park, C&L Publishing, May, 2003.
.., Greenhaw, Charles, Mountains, Grass and Water: Explore the Hastings Cutoff and Overland Trail through Ruby Valley, Nevada, C&L Publishing, 2003.
.., Greenhaw, Charles, Entering the Great Basin: Explore the California Trail through Wells, Nevada, C&L Publishing, 2003.
.., Greenhaw, Charles, Canyons, Cutoffs and Hot Springs: Explore the California Trail near Elko, Nevada, C&L Publishing, 2004.
Hidden Nature: Discover the Plants, Animals and Natural History of Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park, Gray Jay Press, April, 2005.
.., Greenhaw, Charles, Bloodshed, Crosses and Graves: Explore the California Trail through Battle Mountain, Nevada, Gray Jay Press, 2006.
Sagebrush Heart: Sagebrush Landscape of Elko County, Nevada, Gray Jay Press, 2009.