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Arches and Canyonlands National Parks

Hidden Nature- Arches and Canyonlands National Parks

Hidden Nature; Discover the Plants, Animals and Natural History of Arches and Canyonlands National Parks

Stories of nature and natural history to enhance a park visit

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Hidden Nature- Arches NP- Desert Bighorn

5 photos of
Arches NP
Canyonlands NP

Hidden Nature- Arches NP- Balanced rock

Table of Contents

Aztec Butte--Introduction
Healthy Herds--Desert Bighorn Sheep
Grassland Partners--Ord’s Kangaroo Rat and Indian Ricegrass
Salt and Fins--The Arches of Devil's Garden
A Thinking Bird--The Common Raven
Dark pinnacles and Pink Sand--Biological Crust
Mythical Quicksand--Courthouse Wash and Quicksand
Temporary Worlds--Potholes and Shrimp
An Upheaval in Scientific Thought--Upheaval Dome
Cliff Dwellers--Violet-green Swallows and White-throated Swifts
Water, Plants and Cowboys--The Plants of Cave Spring
Sagebrush Landscape--Big Sagebrush
Cold War Legacy--Atlas Mill Tailings
Dried Up Springs--Neck Spring and Drought
A Grand View--Weathering and Landscapes
About the Author

Hidden Nature- Delicate Arch in Arches NP


sketches of plants, animals and geological processes.

descriptions of popular hikes and favorite park locations.

well-written stories using carefully researched scientific backgrounds.

descriptions of relationships between plants, animals and this unique landscape.

a deeper appreciation of these beautiful parks.

an excellent companion to your park visit.