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Beeplants and Whiptails; Stories of Nature from Zion National Park

Beeplants and Whiptails
Stories from Nature, the Plants and Animals of Zion National Park

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Table of Contents

A Working River--Virgin River, Canyon Formation
Return of the Peregrines--Peregrine Falcons
Plants of Coalpits Wash--Desert Plant Adaptations
Walk into Emerald Pools--Water Striders, Canyon Treefrogs
Spines and Flowers--Cactus Adaptations
Cottonwoods and Floods--Fremont Cottonwood
Springs and Ground Water--Weeping Rock Shrine
Black Rock and White Aspen--Lava Point
Zion’s Variety of Birds--Phainopepla, Black-headed Grosbeak, Black-throated Sparrow and Hermit Thrush
Slickrock and Sand Dunes --Navajo Sandstone
A Dance of Flowers and Moths --Utah Yucca and Yucca Moth
Hidden Predators --Antlions
Plant Invaders --Tamarisk and Cheatgrass
Wading the Narrows --American Dippers, Slot Canyon Formation
Plants of the Anasazi --Sacred Datura, Buffalo Gourd, Utah Yucca, Yellow Beeplant
Zion as Refuge --Mexican Spotted Owls, Desert Bighorn Sheep
Pines and Jays--Piñon Pines and Pinyon Jays


Beeplants and Whiptails- Zion National Park's The Narrows

Hikers in the Narrows

The 116-page book provides 17 stories of nature from Zion National Park. These stories offer an excellent way to learn about the plants, animals and geology of this beautiful and unique national park. The information offered goes beyond that available in identification guides.

Beeplants and Whiptails delves beneath the surface beauty of Zion National Park to describe natural communities of birds, plants, reptiles, and mammals. It is a book for people who love this red rock country and enjoy a good story.

 The author takes us along as he hikes through scenes of life uniquely adapted to this desert setting. Written in a conversational style, these short narratives go beyond a simple natural history of Zion National Park. They convey the author’s passion for this canyon country, offering rich details of these communities and their inhabitants. Using his powers of observation and extensive research, he paints with words, developing scenes of deep canyons, fir forests, and desert scrubland. The resulting book is an excellent companion during any visit to Zion National Park.